2019 Madrid, Cordoba, & Seville

Nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena


We are headed to Spain in 2019!!

There will be a meeting in September at the High School Media Center.

Tuesday, September 26th at 5:30

  • To the students: I encourage you to attend the meeting and really think about all the benefits that come with traveling internationally: culture immersion, high school/college credit, international studies on resume when you apply for colleges, and memories.

    To the parents:  I encourage you to attend for a couple of reasons.   The memories you will make with your student or that your student will make traveling alone and meeting new friends.  Or the big take away:  the international studies experience on your student’s transcripts/resumes.  Colleges are always looking for that little extra.

     Booking early will also allow for a longer time frame to spread out the monthly payments and give you ample time to fund raise if you choose.

    Lock in your enrollment fee today with only $95.  Once you have it locked in the monthly fee will not increase. 

    ***Adults will pay an additional fee for the adult supplement (around $300)



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