Paying our way!!

We like to help our fellow travelers alleviate some of the costs of the trip.  So we have come up with multiple fundraising options.  However do not feel limited by the handful listed below.  If you know of another option please share with the GLTC.

Successful Fundraising options:  

  • Asking Service clubs ie. American Legion (High Student Involvement) 
  • Presentation to Local Area Business (High Student Involvement)
  • Pop can Drive (Very High Student Involvement/messy)

Not-Tested Fundraising Options:

  • Movie Night at HS Cafeteria-Potential to do very well (Parent/Student Involvement) 
  • Pampered Chef Fundraiser
  • Adult Spelling Bee (Parent/Student Involvement) 
  • Dress-Down Day for teachers and students ie. $1 to wear jeans/hats (School Admin/student involvement)
  • Parent Night Out-Parents will pay for babysitting service at school which will include activities, etc. (High Parent, Student, Teacher involvement
  • Pallet Party-Tulley Elegant

EF Donation Page

  • When you sign up for a trip it will include an official donation page for family and friends to donate money for trip:  Christmas, birthday presents, etc.


We have found that by starting early and staying consistent travelers have earned up to $500 or more for their trip.  One traveler even paid her trip off by selling cake pops!!


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